Wine Tasting Fee - $10.00. Choose 5 wines from our list to taste.

The wine tastings we hold at On Cloud Wine Winery give you ample opportunity to sample the wines we sell.

Each wine tasting costs $10. You'll get to try five of our wines. Our tasting bar is open Wednesday through Saturday.

Visit our winery in Shreveport, LA today to attend one of our wine tastings.

Join the fun at our wine tasting events

Wine tasting is an old and honored tradition. Stop on in, swirl wine around a glass and socialize with new and old friends alike. Whether you're an experienced connoisseur or just looking to celebrate Wino Wednesday, you're sure to have a good time at our wine tasting events.

Call 318-687-9816 now to find out more about our wine tasting events in Shreveport, LA.

Wine List

PRICES RUN 10.95 - 19.95

Dry to Semi Sweet

Southern Hurricane | This Pinot Grigio is light, crisp with a slight fruit front and a citrus, grassy finish 16.95/ 9

Fleur de' lis | Rose' of Pinot Noir, this delish wine has flavors of Raspberry, Strawberry and Rhubarb for a slight tart on the end. 21.95 / 9

Crosslake Cabbie | Cabernet Sauvignon with Cocoa/Char & Toasted Oak, Medium Tannins Delish!!!! 23.95 / 10

Bon Temps | A Semi Sweet Cabernet with Oak and a slight Plum on the end 23.95 / 10

Black Bayou | The Ripe black raspberries merge with Merlot grape 14.45 / 7

Sweet Wines

Penelope Peach | Chardonnay with Peaches and Apricot 14.95 / 7

Bourbon Street Jazz | White Merlot with delicious Strawberries 14.45 / 7

Blueberry Moon | The tangy, sweet burst of blueberry with Pinot Noir 14.45 / 7

Sunset Rouge | The pomegranate rich juice balanced well with a Red Zinfandel 14.45 / 7

Cajun Culade | Sweet Rose Muscadine Wine 14.95 / 7


10% OFF A CASE (12bottle)
PURCHASE In the Cellar Aging: We hope to add to our list in December of 2022
Bullfrog Beau: Malbec with a touch of Blueberry, nice tannin end.
MoonLake Mist: Pinot Noir with flavor of Cherry.
Trinity Reserve: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab Franc, Merlot